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Office Moving Specialists.

Minimizing downtime is what we do. Liffey Van Lines is one of the most trusted & accredited commercial moving companies in New York City. We move hundreds of both large & small corporate offices year after year.

All of our moves begin with a free estimate and a tailored quotation for your move. Get in touch with us!
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We're a SpecialistOffice Moving Company. 45 years of experience. 

Moving your office can be one of the most daunting moves to undertake. You may be concerned about downtime, staff displacement & potential disasters.

Rest assured that we have over 45 year experience with commercial office moves in New York City. We have a specialist moving team to handle commercial moves. Get in touch to avail of a 1-to-1 walkthrough with our move consultant. 

From getting your quote to a happy review at the end. We're with you every step of the way.
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Commercial Movers NYC

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Our commercial moving processes have been refined over many years to ensure we provide our clients with the most efficient and careful move possible. Minimizing downtime & completing the move as fast & as safe as possible is our forté.

Timelines are often tight when it comes to moving an office, and even more so in New York City. Any sort of downtime can cost your business heavily – our specialist commercial moving team offers an unparalleled experience when it comes to an office move. Need an out of hours move? Please give us a call!

Moving a commercial office in NYC?

It can be an extremely challenging decision when it comes to up heaving your office and moving to a new location. 

We have worked with thousands of companies to ensure that their moves are as cost efficient and timely as can be to reduce their company downtime & to help their employees adapt to the new move.

Get in touch by requesting a quote, or by giving us a call to discuss.

After Hours Office Moves

After hour moves are usually the best approach to take when moving a commercial office. From overnight moves to weekend moves, we can provide any solution to any office moving requirement.

At Liffey, we offer this as standard to minimize your office downtime so you can get back to work.

Please reach out to us for any commercial moving inquiries. (212) 410 3500

How much does it cost to move an office in New York City?

Generally, office moves are priced at an hourly rate depending on the size and scale of the move. The number of movers required will be based on whether you’re moving a full scale corporate office, or a small family office!

Please reach out to us for any commercial moving inquiries. (212) 410 3500
Storage Unit costs

commercial Office Storage Solutions Available

Moving your office can be daunting. We have the means to make things run as smoothly as you can imagine, big moves such as moving an office require meticulous planning to reduce your downtime so your staff can get back to work.

We have storage facilities throughout Manhattan in the event you need them.
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Avoid Heartbreak When Moving Office. Let Us Help.

Professional Office Movers Since 1975.

Liffey Van Lines, Inc. is New York City's most reputable & trusted commercial office movers with over 45 year of office relocation history. We offer a friendly, customer-centric service & we are more than happy to provide you with a free quote on your upcoming office move.
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